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Governing Bodies of Sport

01 December 2009

Sport Northern Ireland works closely with the governing bodies of sport in Northern Ireland. Sport Northern Ireland's role is to provide advice and guidance to support governing bodies in the management of their sports, including areas such as strategic planning, raising performance standards, sourcing funding, employment matters, and good practice.

Over the past year, Sport Northern Ireland has invested £1.13 million in governing body programmes through its Investing in Sport programme. This investment has enabled:

  • The employment of staff;
  • The training and education of coaches, officials and administrators; and
  • The preparation of talented performers for representative competition at underage level.

There are currently 83 governing bodies recognised by Sport Northern Ireland:

  • 13 of these are Northern Ireland based governing bodies, e.g. Irish Football Association and Netball Northern Ireland;
  • 35 are branches of Irish governing bodies, e.g. Ulster Council GAA and Ulster Branch Tennis Ireland; and
  • 31 are branches of UK governing bodies, e.g. Athletics Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland Judo Federation.

Governing Body Modernisation Programme

In 2004, Sport Northern Ireland was awarded £90K from UK Sport to initiate a 'Modernisation Programme' with the governing bodies of sport. The purpose of the programme is to encourage the highest standards of practice in governing bodies in relation to areas such as the governance of the sport, HR management, financial management, etc.