Club Development Network Officers

Sport Northern Ireland invests in club development staff amongst a range of Governing Bodies of Sport. Individuals in these roles and others are part of the Northern Ireland Club Development Network.

  • The Club Development Network was established in 2010 to:
  • Create an appropriate forum to present club development ideas, challenge current things and evidence best practice.
  • To share skills, knowledge, systems, projects and resources relating to club development between different sports.
  • To contribute a coordinated approach to club development.

Who is represented?

  • Club Development Staff from Governing Bodies of Sport funded by Sport Northern Ireland.
  • Sport Northern Ireland.
  • Organisations or individuals with specific expertise or experience in an area relevant to a specific session.

Your local council sports development unit also provide a useful point of support.  They can be contacted through your local council office contacts details. These contact details are available in the resources section of the Clubmark NI webpage.

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