North West Coaching Network

In 2010 the North West Coaching Network was established to provide a strategic direction for coaching in the region. Sport Northern Ireland and Coaching Ireland have worked in partnership with local authority sports development teams, local sports partnerships and national Governing Bodies of Sport to design a coaching and club development plan which is reflective of the needs of the North West region.

As well as providing strategic focus, the Network has been proactive in ensuring that success is measured by impact of the ground. In the past two and a half years, a number of events, programmes and initiatives have been implemented and delivered. These include:

  • Coaching and Club Audit (Training needs analysis to identify local and regional need)
  • Regional needs based coach education programmes (Local authority programmes based on identified local need)
  • North West Coaching Forum (Dedicated coaching seminar to improve coaches’ knowledge and skills)
  • Bespoke coach development programmes (Individual support programmes for a range of regionally based coaches)
  • Coach master-class series (A series of seminars and events from high profile coaches or coach educators)
  • The North West Coaching Weeks (A fortnight specifically focused on the education and development of coaches)
  • COACHMARK initiative (A programme designed to offer quality assurance for the deployment of sports coaches)
  • Implementation of local authority Clubmark scheme (National club development scheme implemented at a local level)
  • Coach mentoring scheme (Mentoring programme established to aid coaches development)

In 2013 the Network aims to conduct an additional coaching audit. This will continue to ensure the priorities and programmes are indicative of the needs of clubs and coaches in the North West region.

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Southern Sports Partnership

The Southern Sports Partnership is a regional working group that wishes to sustain, develop and deliver a quality regional development programme, which maximises the potential of coaches, performers and clubs within the Southern Sports Partnership area. This is achieved through the delivery of a range of programmes, including:

  • Sports Academy
  • Coach Academy
  • Coach Education
  • Clubmark NI
  • Regional Cross Country

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