Coaching Children

The sporting world has always acknowledged the importance of coaching children but it is only in recent years that coordinated attempts have been made to design a curriculum and implement associated programmes, tools and resources, to support the progressive development of the children’s coach.

Children’s Coaching Week

During the first week of September each year Sport Northern Ireland host a week of development opportunities for coaches of children and associated coach developers.  The week is made of workshops, seminars and conferences featuring leading presenters in the field of children’s coaching; below are the presentations and resources used during the 2014 event.

Competitive Engineering – Maximising Skill Development in Games (Professor Dave Morley)

Empowering Children for Creativity and Responsibility (Ian Stafford)

Towards a Children’s Coaching Ethos (Simon Toole)

In Pursuit of High Quality Movement (Dave Lasini)

Creating the Sporting Habit in Children (Liz Burkinshaw)

Mentoring in Sport (Ian Stafford)

Developing Coaches, Inspiring Participation (Liz Burkinshaw)