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It’s simple and easy to use… here’s a 10-point guide to get your started:

1. Coloured pins represent individual sport ‘facility types’ (e.g. Sports Hall, Playing Pitch, Bowling Green, etc.).
2. To search for a specific sports facility simply click on the appropriate sports ‘facility type’ listed in the black ribbon above.
3. You will be presented with a map showing all facilities in Northern Ireland that match your selected ‘facility type’.
4. Use the ‘Zoom’ function to zoom in and out of your preferred geographical area.
5. To see facility information, either hover your cursor over the top of a pin or click on a pin for more detail.
6. To cancel a search and return to the all facilities screen, simply close selected facility types by click on the ‘X’.
7. You can also search by ‘facility sub type’ (e.g. 3G pitch, 2G pitch, Grass Pitch, etc.)
8. Simply click on the ‘facility type’ button in the black ribbon and select ‘facility sub type’.
9. You will see that the ‘facility types’ in the black ribbon have now changed to ‘facility sub types’.
10. Happy searching!

Sport Northern Ireland hold much more detailed facility information on each of the venues displayed above. If you would like access to this information for facility planning purposes, please contact:

Stephen McIlveen (Facilities Development Officer)
Tel: 028 9038 3848