Active Places NI is a comprehensive database of sports facilities throughout Northern Ireland which is maintained and managed by Sport Northern Ireland. It includes information relating to sports halls, swimming pools, pitches, health and fitness centres, golf courses, water sports centres, and many more facility types. Each facility has an information page containing specific facility details, such as, location, size, specification, opening times, contact numbers, and primary uses.

Active Places NI is currently off-line while the web-resource is being redeveloped and updated. However, Active Places information and bespoke datasets continue to be available.

Please contact either:

Stephen McIlveen
Tel: 028 9038 3848
Email: stephenmcilveen@sportni.net

Liam Himphey
Tel: 028 9038 3859
Email: liamhimphey@sportni.net

Active Places NI continues to provide a valuable facilities planning tool and an important resource in Sport NI’s Facilities Advocacy Service. Our facilities data can also be mapped using our Geographic Information System. Facilities can be mapped in relation to geographical areas (i.e. District Council boundaries, areas of social need), census data (age, gender, ethnic minorities, disability, etc.) or even sports participation data.