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Welcome to the Sport Northern Ireland Athlete Awards 2023-24

The last entry point onto this programme was in October 2023. To see the current list of funding amounts, CLICK HERE.


In this investment, where applicable, Sport Northern Ireland will contribute to the essential personal living costs of an athlete.

This programme aims to enable athletes to train in order to maximise potential. Those applying will be required to demonstrate that their circumstances have changed or need to change significantly to allow them to adequately prepare for competition or the national high performance programme.

The Athlete Award is in line with Sport Northern Ireland’s Corporate Plan and Outcome 2; ‘More NI athletes among the best in the World’ by targeting athletes who have the potential to achieve success and excel in Olympics, Paralympics and Commonwealth Games.

How to apply

Governing Bodies of sports will be responsible for nominating athletes for the Athlete Awards. Applications submitted directly from athletes will not be considered.

These awards will operate on an annual basis. The 2023-24 awards nomination process opened on Friday 17th February 2023 and closed on Friday 10th March 2023.

Successful nominations can expect to receive the award in advance of the expenditure period; half of the award in April 2023 and the second instalment in October 2023.

Please see the SNI Athlete Award Guidance document for further information and requirements for submissions HERE.

Please use the Athlete Award Nominations document to submit nominations to Sport Northern Ireland.  Each tab on this nomination form must be completed in full. You can download this form HERE.

The next entry point is October 2023 with nominations being accepted until 5pm Friday 29th September 2023.

BMX rider Ryan Henderson shares how the Athlete Award is aiding his journey into becoming the first Irish BMX rider to make the Olympics.