Welcome to the Facility Fund Programme

Sport Northern Ireland has announced a new plan to invest £17.5m of its National Lottery funding into sports facility projects over the next five years.

Sport Northern Ireland conducted a series of consultation events across Northern Ireland to engage with a wide range of stakeholders on the future direction of its Corporate Plan and future capital investment needs, with the aim of meeting the requirements of stakeholders within the sporting community. The consultation feedback allowed Sport Northern Ireland to shape its future capital investment model to align with its corporate objectives of: Sporting Communities, Sporting Clubs, and Sporting Winners.

The Facility Fund will invest in facilities through the following three strands:

  1. Single Facility: single-sport facilities which seek to increase participation within the club structure
  2. Multi Facility: multi-sport facilities which seek to increase participation across local communities
  3. Performance Facility: the Performance Facility Fund seeks to partially address the high performance training needs of Northern Ireland athletes, whilst also increasing community participation in sport and physical recreation.

At present none of the above programmes are opened for application.

The minimum investment through the Facility Fund will be £17.5m over five years

For further information on the Facility Fund please contact the Capital Team on 028 9038 1222.