Welcome to the Sporting Clubs and Sporting Winners Investment Programme 2017 – 2021 (Closed)

The Sporting Clubs and Sporting Winners Investment Programme 2017 – 2021 is now closed for applications. The programme will be funded through National Lottery investment and aims to prioritise investment in governing bodies of sport to deliver strategic objectives identified within Sport Northern Ireland’s Corporate Plan. These aim to increase sports participation within a structured environment and improve sporting performances by NI athletes in international competition.

What Does the Sporting Clubs/Sporting Winners Investment Programme Look Like?

The Sporting Clubs/Sporting Winners Investment Programme comprises of three strands:

Strand 1 – Effective Organisations (mandatory for all organisations).

Strand 2 – Sporting Clubs which aims to enable more people to develop and reach their sporting goals through a structured environment.

Strand 3 – Sporting Winners which aims to help more Northern Ireland athletes to win at the highest level.

Organisations must provide information under the Effective Organisations Strand of the Programme and may then decide to make a submission under either or both Sporting Clubs and Sporting Winners.

Who Can Apply

  • Governing Bodies of Sport recognised by Sport Northern Ireland (this includes parent NGBs and regional branches)
  • “Umbrella” bodies/ sports agencies that represent the interests of recognised governing bodies of sport and/or their participants/athletes

All potential applicants will be expected to have in place:

  • Constitution or Memorandum and Articles of Association for both the national governing body of sport and the local branch
  • Audited accounts or income and expenditure statement for the last two years
  • A National Governing Body of sport (including regional branch as relevant) strategy
  • Various mandatory policies and procedures as outlined in the guidance information

Key Dates

The deadline for submission is 4.00pm on Friday 2 September 2016. It is anticipated that investment decisions will be communicated to successful applicants on Wednesday 14 December 2016.

How to Apply

Organisations must complete an Expression of Interest to indicate which strands they intend to apply within and who the lead contact for these is. Once the Expression of Interest is received, submission templates will be sent by email to the lead contact within each strand, for completion.

Complete an Expression of Interest

A read only copy of all templates is attached below for you to view along with the Guidance Document. These cannot be completed as they are read only and must be requested through completion of the Expression of Interest. Sport Northern Ireland will only accept submission of the official templates before the closing date and recommends you carefully read the guidance notes before completing the templates.

Clinics to clarify the context and processes involved in the investment process will be available on specific dates throughout June, July and August. Dates and venues are outlined within the Guidance Document below.

Please click here to see the video of the first clinic which covered each of the strands within the Sporting Clubs Sporting Winners Investment.


Responses to frequently asked questions raised through e-mail or at the available clinics can be viewed by click here, these will be updated reguarly during the submission period.

Guidance Document:

Sporting Clubs Sporting Winners Guidance Document

Sample submission templates:

Effective Organisations Submission Template

Sporting Clubs Submission Template

Sporting Winners Template 1 (Olympic/Paralympic Sports)

Sporting Winners Template 2 (National Performance Sports)


Decisions Regarding Sporting Clubs Investment

Decisions Regarding Sporting Winners Investment

For further information on Sporting Clubs and Sporting Winners please contact: