On letterhead of partnering organisation

Your organisation’s Name Your organisation’ s Address

Dear Sir/ Madam

I write on behalf of (partner organisation’s name) in support of the (your organisation’s name) proposal to the Sport Northern Ireland Build Back Better- Project Re-Boot ‘Team Up’ grant, to fund the (your project’s name) to ( add in details on the purpose of your project). We strongly support his grant application and its focus on (add in your project benefits)

As an organization which (the Partnering Organisation describes themselves and the added value they bring to the project and how it complements the aims and objectives of your organisation).

Through this letter, we would like to confirm our role in supporting this project (add in the role you will play in delivering the project outcomes and what support you will be providing the applicant).

We have allocated (add in the person within your organisation who will be supporting the applicant, along with their contact details) who will support (the applicant’s name) in the delivery of the (add in the name of the project)

We look forward to working with (add in your club name) and Sport NI.