Project Reboot – Team Up 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What type of investment programme is Project Re-boot?

Project Reboot is a revenue programme designed to fund structured interventions which help clubs and organisations recover from Covid-19. Reboot is NOT a capital investment programme. All construction costs are ineligible (see question 17).


2. What budget has been allocated to Project Re-Boot?

There is approximately £1.6 million of Lottery funds allocated across all three stands of Project Re-Boot.


3. How do I apply to Project Re-boot? And where do I find information?

Applications will only be accepted via Sport NI’s online application portal here. Information on Project Reboot, including guidance material for the ‘Team Up’ investment strand can be found here.


4. When should my Project Re-Boot ‘Team Up’ application be submitted?

All applications to Project Re-Boot ‘Team Up’ should be submitted on or before 1st March 2021 @ 12noon. Applications received after 12 noon on 1st March will not be considered.


5. How will my Project Re-Boot ‘Team Up’ application be assessed?

Applications to Project Re-Boot ‘Team Up’ will be assessed by Sport NI. The scoring criteria has been detailed in the information and guidance material (pages 15 & 16). Each criteria will be scored between 0 & 5, with different weighting applied to each criteria depending on importance. Applications that score a 1 or less on any of the criteria will fail the assessment and will not be considered for funding. The pass mark for applications is 60%.


6. What target group should I choose for my project, and why?

Certain groups of people have been impacted by Covid-19 more than others. These people may be more difficult to engage/re-engage in sport and some will not be as comfortable living with Covid-19 as others. You can view some Project Reboot priority groups here, along with supporting evidence of how these groups have been affected by Covid-19.


7. What do you mean by Innovation?

Projects that are innovative will offer participants something that is new or fresh. This should be something that your organisation isn’t already delivering and should be aimed at engaging new participants, rather than existing members. Sport NI has provided some examples of innovative and creative projects here. Whatever creative idea you choose, it should not attempt to ‘repackage’ an initiative that your organisation has delivered previously.


8. What type of sports club/organisation are eligible for this investment?

Sports clubs/organisations who intend to be the lead applicant in a Project Re-Boot application must be affiliated to a Governing Body of Sport recognised by Sport NI. You can see the full list of recognised sports and Governing Bodies here.


9. Do project partners also have to be recognised by Sport NI?

No. Project partners do not have to be a recognised organisation or sport. Partners can be from a wide range of sources to help facilitate creative and innovative ideas.


10. Can Governing Bodies for Sport apply to Project Re-Boot?

No. Governing Bodies cannot apply. Project Re-Boot has been designed to support clubs and community groups. However, Governing Bodies could support a member club with an application or be a named partner.


11. Can my organisation apply to all three Project Re-Boot strands?

Yes, Clubs and organisations can apply to all three Project Re-Boot Strands.


12. If my organisation is successful in applying to Team-Up, can I also apply to the Activate and Sport Local strands?

Organisations who are successful in their applications to Project Reboot – Team Up may also apply to the Activate and Sport Local strands. However, reapplying organisations must be able to demonstrate need for a new project, and project proposals must be different to the project funded under Project Reboot – Team Up.


13. If a club is receiving financial support from its Governing Body (via Sport NI’s Governing Body Support Investment), does that make the club ineligible for Project Reboot?

No. Governing Body Support Investment is funding for Governing Bodies rather than clubs. Governing Bodies may choose to support their clubs through that particular investment programme, but it does not preclude that club from applying to any of the three Project Re- boot investment strands.


14. If a club was awarded funding via the Sports Hardship Fund does that make the club ineligible for Project Re-boot?

No. If a club received funding from the Sports Hardship Fund it will not preclude them from applying to any of the three Project Re-boot investment strands.


15. Can my club or organisation be involved in multiple Team-Up projects?

Yes. A club or organisation can be involved in multiple applications, so long as those proposed projects are not attempting to deliver the same type of project. You can also apply to the other Project Re-Boot strands.


16. Can my club or organisation take the lead on a ‘Team-Up’ project, but also be a partner in another Team-Up project led by another organisation?

Yes. A club or organisation can be a partner in other Project Re-Boot applications, as well as being the lead applicant on another application.


17. Are capital costs eligible?

The vast majority of capital costs are ineligible under Project Reboot – Team Up. However, Sport NI may consider applications which include smaller capital items (such as equipment), but only if those capital items can be deemed essential to delivering a project proposal. Sport NI has identified a need to continue to invest in sports infrastructure and will develop specific capital investment opportunities during the timeframe of Sport NI’s Corporate Pan (in draft).


18. Are equipment costs eligible?

Sport NI may consider applications which include smaller capital items (such as equipment), but only if those capital items can be deemed absolutely essential to delivering a project proposal.


19. Are coaching costs eligible?

Yes. Coaching costs are eligible expenditure.


20. Are coach education costs eligible?

In addition to coaching costs and equipment, applicants can also apply for coach education and upskilling of participants. However, your project must be targeted at new participants (not existing members) who have been most affected by Covid-19.


21. What other costs are eligible?

Sport NI have intentionally been non-prescriptive on what project costs we will fund in order to facilitate innovation and creativity. Projects must be innovative and work in partnership to engage or re-engage participants in sport. All costs will be considered, as long as they are not one of those listed in the ‘what we won’t fund’ section of the information and guidance.


22. How much funding should I apply for?

Project Reboot – Team Up will make awards between £10k and £25k. Applying organisations are strongly advised to only apply for whatever level of funding is needed to deliver a proposal. Costs should also be proportionate to the size and scale of the proposal.


23. What if further Covid-19 restrictions interrupt my proposal?

Sport NI understands the uncertainties associated with Covid-19. We aim to be flexible in our approach to delivering this programme, and we are asking the same from our successful projects. We will consider interruptions on a project by project basis, but the ability to adapt to an ever changing environment will be essential throughout the twelve months from April 2021 to March 2022.


24. Can my project be delivered beyond the 31st March 2022?

Not presently. All projects should be completed by 31st March 2022. Initially we are asking applicants to demonstrate flexibility in approach and evidence an ability to adapt their projects to an ever changing Covid-19 environment. This may involve creating a Plan B, C or even D. However, Sport NI will also be flexible in our approach should


25. I have a project proposal, but limited capacity to deliver.

Project Reboot has been designed to address the needs of organisations with various levels of capacity. If an organisation does not have capacity to deliver a Team-Up project (£10- 25k), we strongly advise not submitting an application to this strand, but rather wait for the other Project Re-boot opportunities later this year (beginning in the Spring).


26. Sport isn’t our primary activity, but it forms a large part of our work. Can we apply?

To be eligible, sport should be a primary activity of your organisation (for example, referenced in your Constitution or Memorandum). If it isn’t, you could potentially partner with a local sports club or organisation to submit an application to Project Re-Boot.


27. How will grants be paid to clubs and organisations?

Project Re-Boot grants will be paid in stages. An advanced payment will be paid on acceptance of the Letter of Offer to facilitate cash flow.


28. If my club or organisation has previously delivered a short pilot project, would this be seen as new?

Yes this could be considered as new, and would help to demonstrate a need for the project. However, your new proposal must target new participants, rather than the participants targeted during the pilot.


29. When does a Team-Up project have to be delivered by?

Team Up projects must be completed by 31st March 2022. Project funding must also be fully spent by 31st March 2022.


30. Can a club/organisation speak to Sport NI about a potential project?

Yes. Clubs/Organisations can contact Sport NI via or via telephone: Angharad Bunt – 07810 183023; Norma Mogey – 07816 932756; Stephen McIlveen – 07971 950007