Supporting Sport to Build Back Better

Project Re-Boot: Team Up


Why Build Back Better?

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed our world, the most vulnerable people have been hardest hit.

As we recover we have an opportunity to reset and re-boot and build back better than before. We need something new; something new to help engage and re-engage our children and young people in sport; something new to provide more opportunities for our communities to participate in sport; and something new to help people to keep coming back to our sports. Let’s not leave anyone behind, let’s try something new and share our solutions to support sport to Build Back Better.


Project Re-Boot:Team Up

This grant fund is established to support new innovative and creative projects that will deliver a partnership approach with other organisations or clubs.




Primarily, we want to invest in new projects that:

✓ Provide innovative and creative solutions to get people active and back active through sport as we live with Covid-19.

✓ Enable people to work together to provide innovative and creative solutions to get people active and back active through sport as we live with Covid-19.

✓ Can demonstrate an ability to manage the project and the funds.

✓ Specifically engage people known to be most impacted by Covid-19.

✓ Are able to show that they have a Plan B&C should we have further Covid-19 restrictions; and have thought beyond our investment period at retaining activities and members.


What is Innovation & Creativity?

Innovation is about creating new ideas, and effective projects, programmes and club offering. It is about translating ideas into actions – adding value for your members and potential new members, which in turn helps your club be more resilient, sustainable and viable.


Why Innovate?

Take a look at this from MySueño (a sports health and marketing agency)


“…Because life is like a bicycle, you have to keep moving to keep your balance.


We believe that innovation is the only way forward.
Learning is the only way to stay ahead.
And actually doing things the only way to learn.”


“The purpose of innovation is to win new customers, new markets or new products …innovation should become a mentality, being a main driver of business growth.”

Types of Innovation

  • Radical innovation can be the most risky – but can also bring the greatest reward.
  • Architectural innovation – tweaking your product to match to your new participants
  • Incremental innovation – increasing value to your participants by adding to your offering. Usually the least exciting form of innovation, though it can be crucial for your survival
  • Disruptive innovation – doing something, e.g. new technology or processes to your club

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