You might want to consider setting yourself a goal to help motivate you to Get Active, perhaps for a specific event? There are lots of charity cycling, walking or running events organised every year which provide an ideal opportunity to get active and raise funds for charity. These events are great fun social occasions which are perfect for cajoling your friends into getting active too. Search online for your favourite charity’s event.

If you want to challenge yourself to take part in an event either walking or running there are a number of organized events annually. Check out your local councils for listings of 5 and 10k walk/runs in your area.

Your local councils will also provide a range of programmes and initiatives for you to participate in. Contact your Local Council Sports Development Officer for further information.

Your local council and community and voluntary groups may provide activities and classes for women only. Classes and programmes may also be available for new mums, and mum and baby or mum and toddlers.

Runher organise events for women only which attracts women and girls which attracts all ages and abilities. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned runner, these events cater for all – you can run jog, power walk, or take a leisurely stroll. Visit for more information.