A youth volunteer initiative which aims to promote, support and recognise sports volunteering in young people aged 14-24. GoldMark is supported by the Department of Education and builds on the successes of Millennium Volunteers.

As a participant, the young person is often already involved in a volunteering capacity within their local club / governing body and giving hours of commitment for the betterment of those organisations, GoldMark offers them additional promotion and recognition. They record their volunteering hours with the aim of reaching 50, 100 or 200 hours. The programme has proved hugely successfully to previous and current participants in helping with, for example, CVs / job applications/ UCAS forms, making a positive impact in the community, impressing potential employers, awareness of transferable skills, the development of learning and skills and in turn receiving recognition for their valuable contribution – it is also great fun!

As a Governing Body, Council or Club it provides the opportunity to reinforce the importance of volunteering within the organisation, to stage showcase their club / organisation and volunteers and provides a framework of support to existing / attract new young volunteers. The programme has also demonstrated capacity building in terms of building links between governing bodies and clubs; as well as linking GoldMark Delivery Partners and participants. (http://www.volunteernow.co.uk/volunteering/volunteering-and-2012-sports/goldmark)