18th/ 19th August 2012, the first weekend after the Olympics and before the Paralympics, will be the weekend to turn up, take part, join in and support your local sports clubs. Local clubs can join in by registering on www.joininuk.org

Seb Coe: “Millions will be inspired by what they witness over the summer and I hope this creates opportunities in every community for people to join in their local sports clubs.”

Inspired by London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, millions of people across the UK will have a unique opportunity to join in local sport during a weekend that will give an Olympic and Paralympic boost to sports clubs across the whole of the UK and Northern Ireland.

‘Join in Local Sport’ launches Thursday 5th of July at the House of Sport with the specific aim of getting as many people as possible to turn up, take part and join in at their local sports facilities on 18th / 19th August – the first weekend between the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The initiative is being supported by a range of sporting organisations including Ulster Rugby, the IFA and the GAA, Irish Cricket, Netball NI, and the NI Judo Federation.

Local sports groups will be able to take advantage of this unique moment, creating a shop window within their community for the opportunities brought about by the Games to help out, give time, support, watch or play sport. Local clubs can register by visitingwww.joininuk.org

Sport clubs across the UK know that London 2012 will generate unprecedented enthusiasm for sport in the UK. The ‘Join in’ weekend will capture that enthusiasm and bring it back to the place it begins for all great champions – their local sports facilities.

The ‘Join in’ weekend will enable clubs to convert this once in a lifetime wave of interest into a sustainable future of help, support and membership from their local community.

David Moorcroft, Director for Sport at ‘Join in’said:

“I’m delighted to be part of ‘Join in’. Local clubs are where it all begins: from the first time you run round the track, to the person who manages the pitch bookings, to the coach who pushes you to go that little bit further and faster.

“I know the Olympics and Paralympics are going to inspire people to get involved like never before. ‘Join in’ will make sure we don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.”


‘Join in’ is building a website which provides a place for clubs to register and advertise their event, where they will find practical advice to help them make the most of the weekend.

Before and during Games time, the ‘Join in’ team will use every marketing and social media technique available to encourage everyone to offer support to their local groups on the weekend of 18th and 19th August.

Over the last few weeks, ‘Join in’ has been meeting with representatives of sports councils across the regions and nations of the UK, and we have been delighted with the support we have already received for this project.

Nick Harkness, Acting Chief Executive, Sport Northern Ireland, said:


“We know that the Olympics and Paralympics will generate an unprecedented enthusiasm for sport. The ‘Join In’ weekend is a fantastic opportunity for sports clubs in Northern Ireland to make sure we harness that enthusiasm for sport for the future.”

Seb Coe, Chair of London 2012, said:

“We are really happy to support the ‘Join In’ project, it is a great idea that means that thousands of people across the UK can turn up and take part in local sports just after the Olympic Games finishes.

“Millions will be inspired by what they witness over the summer and I hope this creates opportunities in every community for people to join in their local sports clubs.”

NI Under 21 coach Stephen Robinson , said:

“The IFA welcome the launch of the Join In Local Sport initiative and hope to see clubs across Northern Ireland get involved. The local football scene here is vibrant and reaches into every community so there’s every reason to join in this summer!”

Benny Coulter, Down GAA star, representing Gaelic sport at the launch said:

“The GAA provides a community focal point across Ireland, and the GAA is delighted to get involved in this initiative asking people to Join in with local sport. There are hundreds of vibrant GAA clubs across the North who offer people a real chance to compete, to get fit, to meet people and to give something back to the community. If anyone wants to Join in this Summer, we’ll be happy to help”

Former Ulster and Ireland Rugby star Simon Best said:

“Men’s and Ladies Rugby is going from strength to strength across Ulster so Ulster Rugby is delighted to be involved. I would encourage every club to sign up for Join In, to make sure that we attract every single person with an interest in the sport. This is an excellent initiative and I’m extremely pleased to be involved.”

‘Join In Local Sport’ is a charity, initially funded by government grant.