Keirron is a very active Level 5 Coach sea who runs his own company “Adventurous Experiences” on the Isle of Man. He has a wealth of experience in expeditions and is an inspiring and enthusiastic speaker and coach.

Keirron will present an incredible sea kayak trip he did that involved paddling 266 nautical miles over 5 weeks in Alaska.

This unique, multi-faceted journey took place along the ‘Ring of Fire’, sandwiched between the Pacific swells and the unpredictable, changeable and stormy Bering Sea. There are 1200 miles of volcanic islands that stretch between Alaska and the Russian Kamchatka Peninsula.

Powerful tidal currents guard the sounds and a series of committing open crossings were required which combined to provide the ingredients of a real adventure; exploration, hardship and challenge amongst awe-inspiring surroundings with abundant wildlife and highly changeable weather.

The two kayakers endured phenomenal katabatic winds and strong unpredictable ocean currents from day one! They had to dig the kayaks out of the snow in the morning endure sub-zero temperatures and 50knots of wind that required tying the tent to semi loaded kayaks.

The rewards were the close encounters with wildlife including Sea Otters, Albatross, Seals, Puffins, Whales and pristine wilderness with plenty of snow!

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear about the great adventures Keirron had in this spectacular environment

Tuesday 10th October at 7.00pm

Cost is £2.50


Includes coffee/tea & brownie