The (Sport Policy Factors Leading to International Sporting Success) SPLISS Northern Ireland Benchmarking Report (2013), prepared by Sports Industry Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University as part of the overall SPLISS research project, presents information on the nature of sports delivery structures across the UK, Europe and beyond, and considers the current delivery structures in Northern Ireland and how they are rated against other nations and against what is considered best practice.

The report is largely supportive of current delivery structures in Northern Ireland, as evidenced by one of the key conclusions included within the document: ‘Northern Ireland is the top performing nation in relation to national coordination of financial inputs (sports funding) and activities in the regions (CSF 2.2.) due to the key role played by the specialists at Sport NI in a relatively small country.’

Download: The Nature of Sports Delivery Structures: Conceptual Evidence from Home and Abroad (PDF 394KB)

Download the full Spliss Report (PDF 4MB)