Sport Northern Ireland’s staff members, Jayne Moore and Gillian Gilliland, are busy and committed volunteers doing double duty as Sprocket Rocket cycling trainers—visiting schools across Northern Ireland—and as volunteer marshalls during the Giro d’Italia Big Start 2014, beginning today (Friday).

Pictured with Sport Northern Ireland’s Chief Executive Antoinette McKeown (right), Gillian (left) and Jayne (middle) not only have the enthusiasm, they possess the know-how through comprehensive training from both Cycling Ireland (for Sprocket Rocket) and from Giro d’Italia organisers for their marshalling duties.

Both selected as team leaders, Jayne and Gillian found their Giro marshalling training both vigorous and fascinating.

Gillian noted that the Giro training “covered everything from background/history of the Giro, breakdown of what will happen each day, what the race will actually look like and what is and isn’t expected of me in my role as a marshal including responsibilities, potential problems and group scenarios.”

In the face of so much information in volunteer training sessions, excitement cannot help but creep in. “It got you thinking from a cycling point of view,” said Jayne, “with the main aim to not only help people keep safe but to have a good time, and show Northern Ireland off to the world.”

As an Activ8 Cycling Squad volunteer, Jayne makes her first volunteer appearance this school term at St. Patrick’s Primary School in Armagh on 12 May; Gillian has school engagements in the squad in June. As Cycling Squad team members, they are teaching children cycling safety, manoeuvres that emphasise agility and balance, and cycling games to Giro Draw-winning primary schools. These sessions are part of the Sprocket Rocket programme, which continues beyond the 20 school visits this spring.

Good luck to Jayne and Gillian—we know we’re in capable (and cycling-loving) hands!