Following on from two hugely successful Educator Courses, held in March 2015 and January 2016, Sport Northern Ireland have 26 new UK Anti-Doping accredited Pure Winner Educators, in addition to our three existing Anti-Doping Tutors (National Trainers). The Educators are across a wide range of sports including boxing, football, rugby, cycling, athletics, canoeing, judo, netball, Gaelic sports, swimming, triathlon, motorsport, and sailing.

Educators deliver quality anti-doping education sessions that are tailored to the performance level of their athletes and support personnel. Educators are managed and deployed by their NGB or other sporting organisations to deliver anti-doping education in line with the organisation’s anti-doping education strategy. To date we have worked closely with a number of the Educators to assist with preparation for anti-doping workshops, co-presentation and continue to provide ongoing support with their sports’ anti-doping education strategies and Compliance with the World Anti-Doping Agency Code.

We keep in regular contact with the Educators via email updates and we have set up a dedicated WhatsApp group to inform them of key messages in relation to anti-doping. CPD for the Educators is planned for the near future.