Pure Winner Clean Sport Strategy for the Way Forward

In order to further develop and continue to maximise the impact of work being done in anti-doping, Sport Northern Ireland has produced the Clean Sport Strategy 2013-2017. The Strategy is aligned within Sport Northern Ireland PerformanceFocus and sets out the vision and overarching objectives to define the future development of Clean Sport Education.

Anti-Doping Education Strategy Development

Sport Northern Ireland continues to support local Governing Bodies of Sport to develop and implement their own sport specific Anti-Doping Education Strategies. Building on a successful pilot project with five Northern Ireland sports, a strong partnership has developed with Sport Ireland’s Anti-Doping Unit, focusing work with sports on an All-Ireland basis to successfully embed clean sport education throughout the performance pathway.

Sport Northern Ireland will continue to work alongside the Sport Ireland and UK Anti-Doping to support the development and implementation of sport specific Anti-Doping Education Strategies.