Under the umbrella term the Northern Ireland Governance and Leadership Development Experience, Sport Northern Ireland is offering a series of interventions that aim to create the best led and governed organisations within sport. Through this work we want to:

  • Ensure the governance frameworks and strategic planning processes of sports bodies are ‘fit for purpose’ and reflect the environment in which they operate.
  • Develop further the leadership capacity of Boards, Chairs, CEOs and senior executives.
  • Support Governing Bodies of Sport to attract and retain the very best leaders to serve sport through the development of a leadership talent pathway.

The interventions that we currently offer include:

In addition, through Sport Northern Ireland’s collaboration with the Sports Councils in England, Scotland, Wales and UK Sport, sporting organisations in Northern Ireland, and key decision-makers can access the following development opportunities:

  • Leading Edge – a leadership development programme for CEOs and equivalent senior staff within Governing Bodies of Sport from across the UK.
  • Executive Coaching and Mentoring for CEOs and equivalent senior staff – through a panel of externally recruited and tendered for Executive Coaches/Mentors with experience of working with people operating in complex environments.
  • Board Development Experts – utilising a panel of Consultants with experience of working with boards collectively and with individual Board Members in complex environments.

The work of the Governance and Culture Team in improving Standards of Governance and Leadership also supports and links with closely with other areas of Sport Northern Ireland work, in particular: