What is PerformanceFocus?

Sport Northern Ireland in partnership with Governing Bodies of Sport and other sporting organisations aims to see more Northern Ireland athletes winning on the world stage at Olympic/Paralympic, world and Commonwealth levels.

Sport Northern Ireland and its partners are on a mission to create and sustain a world leading high performance system in order to realise more winning athletes.

With a population of 1.7m Northern Ireland has to make best use of its sporting talent. PerformanceFocus is about giving Northern Ireland athletes the conditions heightening the chances of future success.

PerformanceFocus links sports development work in local clubs to appearances by athletes at the highest levels of their sport across the world.

Through PerformanceFocus, Sport Northern Ireland is investing £12.725m between 2013-2017 to create conditions affording athletes a greater chance of future success. Research has shown that there are ten common pillars operating in countries whose athletes routinely experience success at the highest level of their sport.

PerformanceFocus is making investments in five of these pillars, the other pillars receive complementary investment through other Sport Northern Ireland funding streams. Investment through PerformanceFocus is developing:

  • Clubs
  • Coaches
  • Talented athletes
  • How bodies govern themselves to support future success
  • Support for athletes and coaches through specialist high performance services including sports medicine and physiology

Investment making these five pillars come alive on the ground is through a variety of specialist posts working in a variety of sports. 71 posts are being supported ranging from Business Development to High Performance Coaches.