What Is Soft Tissue Management?

At the Sports Institute Soft Tissue Management (STM) is considered critical in helping the athlete achieve their optimum level of performance.

Mandatory Credit Darren Kidd/Presseye.com 14/05//09

How Does Soft Tissue Management Help Athletes?

At the Sports Institute two physiotherapists are dedicated to soft tissue treatment and aim to educate the athlete in the benefits of STM both as a preventative measure and also as a means of recovery. A programme will be devised based on both the athlete’s specific sport and their individual needs. Staff work to build this programme into the athletes daily training.

Treatment techniques used include manual soft tissue treatment, stretching therapy and foam roller work. Manual work involves treating trigger points, myofascial release and deep tissue massage. Time is dedicated to individual stretching using static stretches, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation techniques and muscle energy techniques. The athlete is also educated on the use of foam rolling as a self myofascial release technique.

The soft tissues physiotherapists liaise with the rest of the medical team to develop a programme specific schedule.