Five Sports Councils join force to tackle racism and racial inequality in sport

FIVE SPORTS COUNCILS JOIN FORCES TO TACKLE RACIAL INEQUALITY IN SPORT  Sports Councils to commission two major pieces of work to explore racism and racial inequalities in sport Recommendations and reports due within six months Five Sports Councils responsible for investing in and growing sport are joining forces to tackle racism and racial inequalities across…Continue reading this article →

Addressing Racism in Sport in Northern Ireland

Sport is often known to many people as a place where normal problems of the “real” world cease to exist and the playing field is levelled. However, we know this not to be true as sport had not escaped the racism that permeates our society. The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis back in May…Continue reading this article →

Important Considerations For Those Considering Staging Sporting Events

Guidance from the‘Return to Sporting Activity in Post Covid-19 Recovery Phase Expert Group’   1. Context The sporting community has generally welcomed a degree of sports competition following lifting of specific restrictions related to Covid-19. To date the response to the Covid-19 situation from many parts of the sporting community has been positive and it…Continue reading this article →