Before you begin developing plans for a new or upgraded sports facility, there are a number of important facts that you should consider.  For example, you may wish to ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • Is there a need for the facility in my area?
  • What impact will the facility have on other provision (and vice versa)?
  • Who might potentially access the facility?
  • What is the potential catchment area of the facility?
  • Is the facility likely to be affordable?
  • Is there other provision (if made accessible) that could potentially address facility need?

This section of the website will assist you in attempting to answer the questions above. It is important to remember that developing a sports facility is the beginning of a lengthy process, which will also include managing/maintaining the facility on a daily basis, covering the daily running costs and replacement of surfaces, and lighting or fixtures/fittings at the end of the facility’s lifecycle.

Should you wish to discuss your plans in further detail or if you require additional guidance, please contact:
Stephen McIlveen (Facilities Development Officer)
Tel: 028 9038 3848