Sport Northern Ireland and the Irish Sports Council have been working with the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (MCUI) since spring 2011 to assist that organisation to develop their Code or Practice with regard to safety arrangements at motorcycle road racing events.

This is a complex task and has involved significant research and information gathering processes, both at events and in speaking to various interest groups. The subject matter has been divided into a number of sections relating to various aspects of motorcycle road racing.

Download theĀ Motor Cycle Union of Ireland Code of Practice

At present the following Chapters have been approved:

  • Foreword
  • MCUI Governance and Organisation of Road Racing Events
  • Paddock Grid and Pit Areas
  • Rider Safety
  • Scrutineering (1) Machine Safety
  • Scrutineering (2) Protective Clothing/Equipment
  • Medical Arrangements at Road Racing Events
  • Communications
  • Spectator Accommodation
  • Incident Investigation

It is anticipated that the remaining sections will be incorporated into the Code of Practice in the near future. When the Code of Practice is completed it will be reviewed periodically.