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More information about the awards and nominations process

How do I submit a nomination?

Complete the nomination form here:

Which category should I nominate in?

You can find out more about each award and what we’re looking for here: categories and criteria (Guidance Document). This should help you decide which category is the best fit for the person you would like to nominate.

Can I nominate someone in multiple categories?

Yes, but you will need to complete a separate form. This is because the criteria vary between categories, so you will need to tailor your nomination to each category.

What time frame should my nomination refer to?

The information you provide must relate to the time frame of 1 July 2022 to 1 July 2023, as this is the period we are basing the awards on.

Can I start the form and come back to it, or do I need to complete it in one go?

The ‘Save and come back later’ function will only work if you have completed a full page of questions before ‘Continuing’ to the next page, please be aware of this when completing the nomination form. You may wish to type your nomination answers in a Word Doc. first and then copy and paste into the form.

What information do I need to provide?

In the nomination form, you will need to provide the following information. All fields are compulsory. You may wish to type your nomination before starting, then copy and paste it in to the form.

  • Nominator contact details (your own details)
  • Relationship to the Nominee
  • Which category you are nominating them for
  • About your nomination (their age, gender, location and sport)
  • We will ask further questions within the category applicable to your nomination

It’s important that in your nomination you refer to the criteria (Guidance Document) for the relevant category. The sift group and judges will be referring to these criteria when shortlisting and selecting winners.

Do I need to get permission from the person I am nominating?

We think it’s a good idea to let the nominee know so you can be sure they’re happy to be put forward. However, this is a decision for you, the nominator, as you will know the coach, volunteer, official and/or project best. Sport NI will not ask for any direct contact details for your nominee and will liaise with you as the nominator throughout the process.

How will the information be used?

All nominations will be managed by Sport Northern Ireland who will put forward relevant information to an independent judging panel. Information will be managed in accordance with Sport NI’s privacy and data protection policies.

Can I get confirmation that my nomination has been received? 

Once submitting the form, you will see a confirmation message. If you need to check anything about the nomination at a later date, please contact

When is the deadline for nominations?

Monday 9th October 2023

How will SportMakers be recognised?

Initially, we hope to provide some recognition for all approved SportMaker nominees. This is likely to take the form of a recognition pack and profiling on Sport NI social media.

Following this, the winners of each award category will be celebrated in short films, shared across Sport NI social media channels and press releases, photographs and videos will also be sent to media outlets.