“We often feel helpless when we learn of the latest horrific incident of violence against a woman or girl from the news. We are left with questions on how we can bring about a meaningful, cultural change that will keep our female family and friends safe from harm.

“Speaking out on ending violence against women and girls is a start but it is not enough. It is clear we need the tools and strategies in place to help drive change. Sport NI is proud to support The Executive Office in holding a free seminar that focuses on the sports centred Active Bystander Approach and how this can help change attitudes in a bid to end violence against women and girls.

“The seminar’s keynote speaker is Dr Jackson Katz – a pioneer and expert in this approach for US sporting bodies including the NFL.

“Sport is such a tremendous force for good, that has the added benefit of being firmly embedded in our communities. I believe we can harness this reach and influence to deliver a positive change in attitudes towards women and girls.

“The Active Bystander seminar provides an excellent opportunity for sport to show leadership and play a pivotal role in driving forward change.

“If you are involved in sport I hope you will take the opportunity to join in this discussion on how all of us in sport can work together on this important issue.”

Active Bystander Seminar

Date: Monday, June 27

Time: 2pm – 4.30pm

Venue: SSE Arena

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Online Active Bystander Conference

Who: Staff, members, volunteers and participants from your organisations and clubs

Date: Tuesday, June 28 Time: 1.30pm to 4.15pm

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