Covid-19 Survey – One Year On

Sporting System Survey to Consider COVID-19 Related Need 

Opened on Wednesday 21st July 2021

Closes at Midnight on Wednesday 18th August 2021


What is the purpose of the new COVID-19 Survey that Sport NI is undertaking?

Just over a year ago, Sport NI completed a survey of the sports sector to help understand the impact of Covid-19 and the needs that the sector had in dealing with the immediate impact; plus areas where support would be needed to help sport recover from the impact.

Sport NI is now engaging with the sector to understand how things may have changed and gather specific feedback and insight to identify how best to target any new resources that may become available in the next year. We are asking for your assistance by completing this short survey.

Who can complete the survey?

The survey is designed to be completed by organisations, not individuals or members of the general public. Any sports organisations or organisation providing sport services operating in Northern Ireland, should consider completing the survey. Only one response should be made per organisation. This will include (although not exclusively) Governing Bodies of Sport, Clubs, Charitable sports organisations, Voluntary and Community organisations, Local Authorities, Commercial organisations and social enterprises. The survey is for Sport NI to better under the current sport landscape, so we are eager to hear from as many, and as wide a range of organisations, as possible.

Is the survey going to take long to complete?

It is a short survey that should take about 20 minutes to complete. There are dropdown options for most questions and room to include your own comments. We would encourage people to provide concise detail to back up their answers and help our understanding of that organisation’s context.

Completing the survey

Questions are designed so that responses can be very short or more detailed. There is little value in writing very long answers, as this will only make interpretation of the data more difficult. Give detailed but concise answers if at all possible. If you are asked for up to five responses in a question, but you feel you can capture your organisation’s needs in three responses, don’t feel you have to add a fourth or fifth response.

What does Sport NI plan to do after the survey?

This survey will provide up-to-date information on the challenges organisations are still facing and on areas where guidance and support is needed in the months ahead. Sport Northern Ireland intends to respond to these needs.

Will we share findings form the survey?

A short report detailing the findings will be published on our website.

Complete the survey here