Year 3 of our Every Body Active 2020 programme is now well underway and we hope everyone is enjoying getting #BetterFitter through programmes in your local area. A key part of Every Body Active 2020 is hearing the views of our participants in order to shape and improve the programme for future years. So if you’ve taken part in an EBA2020 activity during 2018/19 we want to hear from you!

Visit the links below to take part in our EBA2020 surveys:

Children (4-11):

Young People (12-17):




We had a great response to our surveys last year, with 98.3% of children who took part in EBA2020 telling us they had enjoyed the activity they participated in. Over a thousand young people took part in our survey, less than half of whom did physical activity 3+ times a week prior to EBA2020. Almost two thirds of these young people told us they would now like to become a member of a sports club or team in their local area, post EBA2020. From the adults surveyed, it was great to hear that almost three quarters had increased their frequency of participation following their involvement in an EBA2020 programme. See our video below to find out all about what you told us!