Mental Health First Aid Adult

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Capability support strand of Sport NI’s Supporting Sport to Build Back Better Project aim is to strengthen the sports sector, improving resilience now and for the future and increasing capability and to improve and support the mental health and emotional wellbeing for all people involved in sport across NI.

We will provide Mental Health First Aid training to the sector and individuals will need to express an interest and register their details in order to attend this training.

Level 3 Mental Health First Aid Adult – Improved and licensed in Northern Ireland by the Public Health Agency

Sport Northern Ireland has partnered with a PHA accredited Mental Health First Aid Adult (MHFA) provider to offer free training to the sector. MHFA Adult is a Level 3 Mental Health Training course which aims to equip participants.

MHFA (Adult) is a Level 3 Mental Health Training course which aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to provide information and support to an individual experiencing a mental health problem or crisis. An intervention model is included in this training which participants will explore through group work and discussions. The course covers basic information on the most common mental health problems experienced in Northern Ireland – symptoms, recommended professional care available, recognised self-care strategies and appropriate ways to support an individual.

Issues Covered

• Mental Health in Northern Ireland

• Depression

• Anxiety Disorders

Who Can Apply

• Mental Health in Northern Ireland

• Depression

• Anxiety Disorders

• Psychosis

• Suicide and self harm

• Eating Disorders

• Substance Misuse

This course is of particular interest to those who are a designated key link for their sports club to support individuals who are experiencing mental health problems and/or crises. Anyone wishing to discuss the appropriateness of the course for their clubs needs should contact

Course details:

Evening course –  10th  11th and 12th of August, 5pm – 9pm

Day course – 16th , 19th and  20th of August 1pm – 5pm

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Level 2 Reaching out Through Sport

Sport Northern Ireland has developed a mental health and wellbeing awareness workshop for all adult sports club members across the sector. This free 90mins awareness workshop is aimed at club volunteers, staff, officials, parents, coaches, players and active participants.

Our positive and interactive workshop has been designed to support your mental and emotional wellbeing through a range of activities including group work and discussion.

This workshop will build and embed mental health awareness and wellbeing into your club environment and culture. It will help members to support each other and identify issues that may be affecting someone’s wellbeing.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the workshop participants will have: • Increased awareness of mental and emotional

wellbeing and coping strategies

  • Improved attitude towards mental andemotional wellbeing
  • Improved awareness of signs and symptoms
  • Increased awareness of appropriate sourcesof supportSport NI has partnered with Sporting Chance Clinic to offer free additional workshops that are focused specifically around addiction education and destructive behaviours associated with and derived from a sporting environment. If your club members would benefit from obtaining the information and tools they need to avoid the pitfalls and destructive behaviour patterns that can develop in sport please contact for more information.
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Level 1 Mental Health Awareness E-Learning Module

The Department for Communities and Sport Northern Ireland have engaged with a number of Governing Bodies of Sport to develop and bring to the sector a free online e-learning module, available to all sports. This online module is a light and interactive introduction to mental health and wellbeing. It will provide all members of the sports club with a foundation on which to develop knowledge, understanding and awareness of mental health.

To access this training visit

* The Level 1 course is a pre-requisite for club members to complete before participating in the Level 2 workshop. Should an individual hold a suitable qualification and or be able to demonstrate existing knowledge and understanding of mental health, they will not be required to complete level 1.

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