Whatever happens after kick off on Thursday each and every player of Northern Ireland Women’s team can stand tall and proudly call themselves history makers.

They have dug deep and battled against all the odds to deservedly take to the pitch at their first major tournament.

We hope, that once again, they can prove that despite being billed as the ‘underdogs’ that they have bite and to underestimate them is a huge mistake.

Come on!  #ANewDream

Jackie Burns

Jackie Burns, Goalkeeper, age 25, caps 40, goals 0, club unattached

Burns is Shiels first-choice goalkeeper and has the ability to start moves from the back. Her skill as a natural shot stopper will be needed as the team go up against higher ranked rivals.

Northern Ireland Women

Becky Flaherty, Goalkeeper, age 24, caps 7, goals 0, club Brighouse Town

Flaherty made her NI debut in 2019 after switching to Northern Ireland from her native Scotland where she was a former underage goalkeeper. She’s proven her worth in two crucial Euro qualifying games.

Shannon Turner, NI Women's Euros Team 2022

Shannon Turner, Goalkeeper, age 24, caps 0, goals, 0, club Wolves

The former underage international makes her debut at the Euros as the only uncapped player on the squad. With a strong season at Wolves behind her she’s well prepared for the big occasion.


Rebecca McKenna_009

Rebecca McKenna, age 21, caps 20, goals 1, club Lewes

The former teammates of the Bangor Ladies FC player will be cheering on gutsy McKenna who came up through their ranks before moving to Linfield and then on to Championship side Lewes. The Lewes right back’s determination is a hallmark of her performances and Shiels knows she’ll leave everything on the pitch.

Demi Vance_new

Demi Vance, age 31, caps 75, goals 4, club Rangers

Having debuted for Northern Ireland back in 2008 Vance has experience in spades as a veteran campaigner already. Between her dangerous left foot and ability to excel from play or set pieces Vance is vital if Northern Ireland is to cause an upset.

Sarah McFadden_new

Sarah McFadden, age 35, caps 87, goals 6, club Durham

Warrior McFadden has seen it all! She’s been instrumental to the team’s turnaround and become the heart of NI’s defence. On the Euros she said: “I don’t want it to just be over in a flash. I have waited all my life for this and even the younger girls may never get another opportunity and I just want it to last as long as possible and be able to continue that journey that we are on.

“I just don’t want it to come to an end.” We’re with you on that score Sarah!

Northern Ireland Women

Julie Nelson, age 37, caps 126, goals 9, club Crusaders Strikers

Nelson is the record caps holder for the women’s side and she’s synonymous with the NI Women’s team that she has stood by thick and thin. Time and again she’s shown her guts and now it’s time for her to enjoy the glory.

Northern Ireland Women

Ashley Hutton, age 34, caps, 114, goals 9, club Linfield

Hutton has been steadfast throughout Northern Ireland’s Euros campaign. She kept her nerve to deliver an equalizer in Wales which ultimately lead to a play-off spot. She’s managed to make her Euros dream a reality after battling back to fitness from a knee injury.

Northern Ireland Women

Kelsie Burrows, age 21, caps 9 and goals 0, club Cliftonville

Marked out as one of Northern Ireland’s young talented players coming through the ranks, she’s already proving on the pitch that she won’t be cowed by the sense of occasion after starting at Wembley in October, holding her own against the world’s best.

Laura Rafferty_005

Laura Rafferty, age 26, caps 32, goals 0, club Southampton

The defender helped the Saints to promotion and Shiels is rewarding her good form with a coveted spot. No doubt the Southampton native will soak up the opportunity to step out at St Mary’s at such a major tournament.

Northern Ireland Women

Abbie Magee, age 21, caps 7, goals 0, club Cliftonville

Magee has overcome injury to become integral to play down the right-hand side. She is proving herself to be strong going forward and solid defensively.


Northern Ireland Women

Chloe McCarron, age 24, caps 24, goals 1, club Glentoran

McCarron joins two other Glentoran midfielder teammates to make the squad. She’s credited with keeping the flow of the game going. If she scores fans will be in for a treat as her goals are usually something to talk about.

Northern Ireland Women

Marissa Callaghan, age 36, caps 73, goals 9, club Cliftonville

Callaghan makes no apologies for living and breathing football. A natural leader on and off the pitch she has been responsible for key moments that have made her team’s Euros dream a reality. She may be carrying a toe injury into the competition but with Shiels depending on her she’ll be sure to rise to the challenge.

Northern Ireland Women

Rachel Furness, age 34, caps 86, goals 38, club Liverpool

As Northern Ireland’s record goal scorer Furness has earned her right to be called NI’s danger woman. She’s a top player who has grafted for the team she loves. Having been there from the seeds of NI’s rebirth she truly deserves to reap the rewards of the team’s amazing journey.

Rebecca Holloway

Rebecca Holloway, age 26, caps 10, goals 3, club Racing Louisville

Holloway stands out for her versatility on the pitch. She can comfortably play across the defensive line, in midfield and even as a winger. The former Birmingham City player demonstrated in qualifying that she has an eye for goal – we hope she finds that form again in Southampton. No pressure!

Northern Ireland Women

Nadene Caldwell, age 31, caps 68, goals 2, club Glentoran

Caldwell secured her place in the Northern Ireland history books with her goal that sealed their Euros qualification. This unassuming sporting hero will be hoping history will repeat itself this tournament.

Northern Ireland Women

Louise McDaniel, age 22, caps 8, goals 1, club Cliftonville

Known for her positivity and energy McDaniel is your ‘cup half full’ type of person who will keep team spirits up if times get tough. She’s back on home turf after stints at Blackburn Rovers and Hearts. McDaniel has the ability to step it up at crucial moments, which always comes in handy when you’re up against it.

Joely Andrews_new

Joely Andrew, age 20, caps 7, goals 1, club Glentoran

Marked as ‘one to watch’ this competition Andrews has star potential. She made her first start against England at Windsor Park in April, looking at ease despite the sense of occasion. It came days after netting her first international goal against Austria, showing the calibre of the Glentoran player.

Simone Magill, NI Women's Euros Team 2022

Simone Magill, age 27, caps 71 and goals 21, club Aston Villa

Hopes for glory weigh on Magill’s shoulders. All eyes will be on the former Everton striker’s form as she is a key lynchpin for the team performing well. An outstanding talent who will be realising her dream by heading to Southampton.

Kirsty McGuinness, NI Women's Euros Team 2022

Kirsty McGuiness, age 27, caps 58, goals 14, club Cliftonville

She is the spark that Shiels will be hoping dazzles their opponents. McGuiness is a serial goal scorer who is known for bringing quality and leadership to the pitch in a domestic setting – qualities that will be needed for such a major occasion.

Northern Ireland Women

Lauren Wade, age 28, caps 42, goals 7, club Glentoran

If Wade’s previous form is anything to go by, she’ll cause defenders problems. She relishes the big games as shown by her famous goal for Glasgow City in the Champions League and her mighty effort against Belgium before the Euros. Her left foot is her weapon of choice on her opponents.

Northern Ireland Women

Emily Wilson, age 20, caps 12, goals 1, club Crusaders Strikers

Wilson is the star player for her team Crusaders Strikers and has proven she has a keen eye for goal. Has the skill to be deployed out wide but her pace means that she’s most at home in the box where she’ll be hoping to do some damage.

Northern Ireland Women

Caitlin McGuinness, age 19, caps 12, goals, 1, club Cliftonville

Football is most certainly in the blood of the McGuinness women and as younger sister to Kirsty this young player will be wanting to make her mark on the big stage. McGuinness is a striker with the record to match her passion on the pitch as she holds the title of top scorer in the Women’s Premiership with nine goals from seven games.