“If I’m through learning, I’m through” said the legendary Basketball coach John Wooden.

Learning can be accessed through a multitude of channels from sense making conversations, to reflection on experiences, books, podcasts, webinars, blogs, vlogs, workshops, and conferences, right through to formal qualifications, to name but a few. Sport Northern Ireland provides learning opportunities for the sport sector in various forms, as part of the wide range of opportunities that are available from many sources in and beyond the sector, for the people who make sport happen.

This section of website provides information on some of these opportunities including webinar series’, a treasure chest of resources from past sessions and our learning compass, which is a sign-posting page to provide links to other organisations who provide relevant learning resource. Also hosted in this section of the website is the ‘learning list’, signing up to the learning list will enable us to let you know by email when a new learning opportunity is launched.

Learning is all around us, we hope that some of the content within this section of the website will contribute to your personal learning journey.