Webinar Wendays #WebinarWednesday is a Sport Northern Ireland webinar series that provides coaches, volunteers and development staff with a wide range of learning experiences presented by leading experts, in their respective fields. #WebinarWednesday now takes place on a quarterly basis.  Registration information for each #WebinarWednesday is shared approximately six weeks prior to each session, on this webpage and via Sport Northern Ireland social media channels.  To receive direct email notification of new events and resources – sign up to the ‘Learning List’ via the relevant tab to the right-hand side of this page.

Upcoming #WebinarWednesday Events 

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Previous #WebinarWednesday Events

#WebinarWednesday 8th April 2020

  • Theme: Building Athlete Ownership
  • Presenter: Mark Garaway, Millfield College
  • YouTube Link: Click Here

#WebinarWednesday 22nd April 2020

  • Theme: Maintaining the Sports Club Habit
  • Presenter: Liz Burkinshaw
  • Downloadable Resources:  Click Here

#WebinarWednesday 6th May 2020

  • Theme: Making Better Decisions – The Challenges of Talent Selection
  • Presenter: Professor Joe Baker, York University, Toronto, Canada
  • YouTube Link: Click Here

#WebinarWednesday 20th May 2020 (‘Double Header’)

  • Theme: Coaching Practice Design
  • Presenter: Scott McNeill, Sport NI, GB Hockey & Premier League
  • Downloadable Resource Click Here
  • Theme: Athlete Profiling & Development Planning
  • Presenter: Kieran Campbell, Ulster Rugby
  • Downloadable Resource Click Here
  • YouTube Link: Click Here

#WebinarWednesday 3rd June 2020

  • Theme: The Ecology of Athlete Development
  • Presenter: Professor Kristoffer Henriksen, University of Southern Denmark
  • Associated Publication: Click here

#WebinarWednesday 17th June 2020

    • Theme: Creating Amazing Children’s Sport Environments – For those who support Coaches.
    • Presenter: Dr Sergio Lara-Bercial
    • YouTube Link: Click Here
    • Theme: Creating Amazing Children’s Sport Environments – For Coaches.
    • Presenter: Dr Sergio Lara-Bercial
    • YouTube Link Click Here

#WebinarWednesday 1st July 2020

    • Theme: It Depends Coaching: How to Decide on the Best Ways Forwards
    • Presenter: Professor Dave Collins
    • Related ArticleClick Here (Pages 46-47)

#WebinarWednesday 5th August 2020

  • Theme: Creating Environments Where Athletes/Players Flourish & Be Their Best Self
  • Presenter: Sarah Kelleher
  • YouTube LinkClick Here

#WebinarWednesday 2nd September 2020

  • Theme: Making an Impact Through Play – Establishing the Conditions for Learning
  • Presenters: Richard Cheetham MBE & Owen Mooney
  • YouTube Link: Click Here

#WebinarWednesday 7th October 2020

  • Theme: Champs, Super Champs, and Should Have Beens
  • Presenters: Dr Áine MacNamara & Jamie Taylor
  • Associated Resources

Shoulda, Coulda, Didnae – Why High Potential Players Don’t Make It? (Taylor & Collins, 2019): https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/2946/880ec0c518898b70074e4eb5af4b3a804519.pdf Champions,

Super Champions & Almosts (Collins, MacNamara & McCarthy, 2016): http://clok.uclan.ac.uk/12969/1/Super%20champions%2C%20champions%20and%20almosts..PDF

The role of psychological characteristics in facilitating the pathway to elite performance – Part 1 (MacNamara, Button, & Collins, 2010): https://clok.uclan.ac.uk/4826/1/collins_4826.pdf

The role of psychological characteristics in facilitating the pathway to elite performance – Part 2 (MacNamara, Button, & Collins, 2010): https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/17034234.pdf

#WebinarWednesday 4th November 2020

    • Theme: The Coach-Athlete Relationship
    • Presenter: Professor Sophia Jowett
    • YouTube Link: Click Here

#WebinarWednesday 9th December 2020

  • Theme: Understanding Coach Burnout in Club Sport
  • Presenter: Derek O’Riordan
  • YouTube Link: Click Here

#WebinarWednesday 10th February 2021

  • Theme: Supporting Positive Outcomes in Sport for Young People
  • Presenter: Professor Jean Côté
  • Associated Resource (via UK Coaching): Click Here 

#WebinarWednesday 21st April 2021

  • Theme: Think Aloud – Coach Reflection
  • Presenter: Dr Amy Whitehead
  • The Sport Psych Show #104: Dr Amy Whitehead – Think Aloud: A Coaching Tool for Reflective Practice Click Here
  • The Curious Coaching Podcast #5: Dr Amy Whitehead & Fiona Mooney Click Here 
  • YouTube Link: Click Here

#WebinarWednesday 30th June 2021

  • Theme: Making it Unmissable: Setting up your organisation to deliver meaningful experiences to participants to ensure they keep coming back
  • Presenter: Callum Irving
  • YouTube Link: Click Here       

#WebinarWednesday 20th October 2021

  • Theme: Me on a Good Day: Noticing Opportunities to Learn Through & From Our Everyday Experiences
  • Presenter: Dr Bob Muir
  • YouTube Link: Click Here