Sport and Regeneration

Child and Family Poverty in Northern Ireland Download
Improving the Prospects of People Living in Areas of Multiple Deprivation in England Download
Joint Working in Sport and Neighbourhood Renewal Download
Sport in Development: A Monitoring and Evaluation Manual Download
Tackling Disadvantage Download
The Role of Sport in Regenerating Deprived Areas Download

Sport and Young People

An Evaluation of Youth Sport in Northern Ireland Download
An Evaluation of Youth Sport in Northern Ireland – Head Teachers Report Download
An Evaluation of Youth Sport in Northern Ireland – Partner Agencies Report Download
Children’s Rights in Northern Ireland Download
Sports Update – Active Young People in Wales Download
The Nature of Youth Work in Northern Ireland: Purpose, Contribution and Challenges Download

Sport and Education

A Literature Review of Sexual Orientation in Sport Download
Lifelong Learning Through Sport Project Download
Realising the Potential of Cultural Services – The Case for Libraries Download

Sport and Disability

Disability Survey 2000 – Young People with a Disability and Sport Download
Sport and People with a Disability: Aiming at Social Inclusion Download

Sport and Health

Forecasting Obesity to 2010 Download
Health Promotions Agency – Research and Evaluation Review 2002-03 Download
The Value of Sport and Physical Recreation – Contributing to Improved Public Health Download

Women in Sport

Women in Sports Leadership – Research Report 2005 Download
Women in Sports Leadership Research Report Summary 2005 Download

Sport and Participation

Barriers to Participation: A Review Of Why Specific Communities In Northern Ireland Do Not Use The Countryside For Recreation Download
Driving Up Participation: The Challenge for Sport Download
Getting Australia Active  Download
Improving Physical Literacy Download
Promoting Physical Activity with Older People Download
Understanding Participation in Sport: What Determines Sports Participation Among Recently Retired People? Download
Yorkshire and Humber Sport and Physical Activity Particpation Survey Download

Sport and the Community

Age Concern NI – Community Sports Development Initiative Download
Audit of the Use and Potenital Use of Sport by Non-Sports Specific Community and Voluntary Groups Download
Castlereagh Borough Council, Greater Village Regeneration Trust and Lower Ormeau Residents’ Action Group – Older and Active Programme Download
Community Sport Programme Adult Participant Survey Download
Community Sport Programme – End of Year Report Download
Community Sport Programme Impact Review 2005-2008 Download
Community Sport Programme Participant Survey – Phase 2 Report Download
Derry City Council – Fit Futures, Yoga for Schools Programme Download
DSD – Evaluation of Partners for Change – Executive Summary Download
Evaluation of Community Sports Development Initiative Download
Lisburn Active Lives Report Download
Mapping Social Capital: A Model for Investment Download
Pilot Community Sport Programme – Final Evaluation Download
Social Capital and the Cultural Sector – Literature Review Download
Sport and Community Development: A Manual Download
Sport in Our Community Investment Programme Report Download
Strabane District Council – Melvin Community Sport Programme Download
The Social Benefits of Sport: An Overview to Inform the Community Planning Process Download
Youth Sport Omagh – Community Sport Programme Download

Sport and Society

Economic Importance of Sport in Northern Ireland Download