Can I take my medication?

“The athlete is responsible and strictly liable whenever a prohibited substance is found in their bodily specimen.” – This is the ‘Strict Liability’ Clause in the WADA Code.

  • Other information you should know:
    • You should always make your doctor aware that you are an athlete and are bound by the specific rules of your sport.
    • Do not take a product if you are unsure of what it contains.  Always remember the use of foreign medications is at the athlete’s own risk.  Do not assume that the brand names available abroad contain the same ingredients as those at home.
    • You should not take a product until you are sure it is not prohibited.  Ignorance is never an excuse! Check your medication online:  Irish Medications – / UK Medications –
    • There is also a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) process which gives the athlete a means of obtaining approval to use a prescribed Prohibited Substance or Prohibited Method for the treatment of a legitimate medical condition.  Further information can be found on the Sport Ireland and UK Anti-Doping websites.

Can I take supplements?

      • The use of all medication, supplements and herbal products is at an athlete’s own risk.
      • Be aware that some vitamins, nutritional supplements and herbal products can sometimes contain prohibited substances.
      • Before using a supplements athletes should:
    • - assess the need
    • - assess the risk
    • - assess the consequences

Further advice can be found on the UK Anti-Doping and Sport lreland supplement policies and advice sections.

Who can I talk to?