Pure Winner

What does Sport NI’s Pure Winner programme do?


 In 2010 Sport NI’s Pure Winner was accepted as a World Anti-Doping Agency partnership programme and has maintained the following vision: “To create a strong clean sport culture by empowering athletes to be Pure Winners.”


Sport NI is not a National Anti-Doping Organisation and does not drug test athletes, but has responsibilities towards Governing Bodies of sport and athletes to support their anti-doping activities.


Sport NI Pure Winner also work with sport partners in a variety of ways, from strategic development to ensuring that funded and competitive sports have anti-doping rules in place, building capacity by upskilling staff and supporting their education activities.


Pure Winner and Sport NI Investment Programmes

As a funder of sport, Sport NI has responsibilities regarding the investment of public funding and supporting award recipients’ anti-doping compliance. Therefore, each sport has anti-doping focused targets embedded within Sport NI’s performance sport investment programmes.

How the Pure Winner Programme operates within Sport NI investment programmes:

Pure Winners

The Pure Winner programme within Sport NI has continued to develop to promote Sport NI’s strong stance to protect athlete’s fundamental right to participate in clean sport and thus promote health, fairness, and equality for athletes in Northern Ireland.

Pure Winner Anti-Doping Education Strategy Development

Sport Northern Ireland Pure Winner and National Governing Bodies work together to create a Plan for Clean Sport information, awareness and education opportunities for their sport aligned to the Anti-doping curriculum and across the Athlete Pathway. We have provided design and implementation support to a number of sports.

Pure Winner Educators

The Sport Northern Ireland Pure Winner programme includes developing UK Anti-Doping accredited Pure Winner Educators, and Anti-Doping Tutors (National Trainers). There are Educators working across a range of sports including Football, Athletics, Judo, Netball, Gaelic sports, Swimming, Motorsport, Hockey and Sailing.

Educators deliver quality anti-doping education sessions that are tailored to the performance level of their athletes and support personnel. Educators are managed and deployed by their NGB or other sporting organisations to deliver anti-doping education in line with the organisation’s anti-doping

education strategy. To date we have worked closely with a number of the Educators to assist with preparation for anti-doping workshops, co-presentation and continue to provide ongoing support with their sports’ anti-doping education strategies and compliance with the World Anti-Doping Agency Code.