The Sports Governance Academy – what is it?

The SGA is a governance support hub for the sports and physical activity sector, helping everyone leading, working and volunteering in sport organisations to achieve their goals through good governance.

Its goal is to improve standards of governance by supporting, developing and connecting the people who work with, and have an interest sport’s governance.

The SGA aims to demystify governance and help organisations respond effectively to the growing governance challenges and opportunities the sector faces. We want people to better understand the benefits of good governance, supporting them to put good governance practice into action in their organisations, such that it becomes embedded in their culture.

Sport Northern Ireland is supporting the SGA for several reasons:

  • It offers the sector a holistic joined-up approach, particularly in light of its unique position – working with Northern Irish, UK and Irish governing bodies. The SGA will enable a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all sporting organisations. This is reflected in our flexible approach to governance practice, allowing funded organisations to adopt any one of the 3 ‘Codes’ (Northern Ireland, UK or Ireland)
  • Funded organisations will benefit from accessing the full range of services provided, encouraging best practice, learning and knowledge sharing.
  • This involvement will help support delivery of strategic objectives for both Sport Northern Ireland and funded organisations by facilitating their development towards becoming sustainable.
  • Empowering people, building upon the skills of sport personnel to improve recognition and respect for the importance of governance roles within the sporting sector.
  • Utilising an expanded governance network with the sport councils, sharing good governance practice and contributing to a ‘sector-led’ approach.

Support is provided by The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland in partnership with Sport Northern Ireland, sportscotland, Sport Wales, Sport England and UK Sport Sport.

This partnership is built on:

- A shared commitment to champion good governance to enable organisations to be successful; and

- A common goal to develop the skills, experience, resources and networks that people involved in the sport and physical activity sector need to help their organisations be successful.

Training, events and the resource base are open to all with an interest in governance in the sports sector and can be accessed by registering at