What is Performance Lifestyle?

It is recognised that an athlete’s lifestyle has many areas that need managing effectively in order to make sure that they do not become distractions and impact performance. The role of a Performance Lifestyle Coach is to help improve performance by helping athletes manage these distractions.

Performance Lifestyle is a confidential service that is offered through a variety of forms, e.g., workshops targeting athletes, coaches and parents to individual focused support. Work is delivered in conjunction with other services at the Sports Institute.

Performance Lifestyle encourages athletes to prepare for life after sport. The main areas of support may include educational guidance, career development, effective communication, coach support/development, developing sponsorship profiles, time management skills, transition management, developing effective support networks, managing finances, and lifestyle in the rehabilitation period following injury.

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How Does Performance Lifestyle Help Athletes?

Performance Lifestyle aims to help the individual to develop skills to effectively manage all their commitments including sport (training and competition) and non-sport (family related, education/employment related.)

It is important that athletes can find a balance between their athletic life and life outside of sport.

All interventions are aimed at having a performance impact.

Snapshot examples of how Performance Lifestyle helps sports:

  • Helping a hockey athlete manage simultaneous transitions to a centralised training programme and from education to employment.