Concussion – The Facts

  • A concussion is a brain injury that alters how your brain works
  • Concussion results from a blow to your head or body that transmits a force to your brain – e.g. being hit by an opponent, falling onto the ground, being hit by a ball or stick
  • Most concussions don’t result in a loss of consciousness
  • Concussions can occur in any sport
  • Early recognition of concussions and proper management leads to much better outcomes.
  • If you think you may have suffered a concussion it is VITAL you don’t return to play that day and seek advice from a health care professional.

ConcussionNI is an online resource, designed by Sport Northern Ireland and its Sports Institute in conjunction with the Department for Communities and in partnership with key stakeholders. It has been created to help those involved in local sport to KNOW THE SCORE about sport related concussion.

The ConcussionNI wesbite and mobile app incorporate the latest medical advice, guiding athletes, coaches, parents and volunteers through the RecognitionManagementand ultimately successful Return to sport following a player receiving a concussion.

Visit the ConcussionNI website by clicking here. Logo