Winning Performances

To reach the highest level in sport it is vital that performers have in place:

  • Efficient movement skills
  • Effective coordination to master varying skills
  • Necessary competitive attributes to adapt to constantly changing sports challenges
  • A suitable physical make up

The individual attributes may better suit particular athletes towards certain sports or sporting disciplines.

Becoming More Effective

The key to becoming more effective at identifying, confirming and developing Talent is determining how much of the performance that can be measured. The coaches must learn to focus on the potential and help bring the performer on an inclusive journey. They must appreciate the need to signpost and direct as required with the performers best interests always taking priority

Growing the Talent Pool

Given the limited resources and increasing competitive environments it is necessary for sports organisations to allocate effectively around their emerging, precocious and developing talent. By applying talent management processes that focus on the allocation of available resources towards confirmed talent, organisations will be better able to retain and grow their talented performer pool by providing realistic and focused goals.