Supporting Sport to Build Back Better: Business Capability Support

Free training for sports clubs and organisations in Northern Ireland.

Sport NI is committed to supporting national governing bodies of sport (NGBs), sports clubs and other bodies (funded and unfunded). It understands that many clubs and organisations will require support and wishes to contribute to their recovery and to help them to re-start and build back better after the Covid-19 Pandemic.

As part of this it is providing training across a range of subject areas designed to strengthen and build capability in business-related areas of operation in sporting organisations and help the sector to be more connected and innovative and to consider, adapt and adopt new ways of working.

To this end, a range of online training events has been created designed to help clubs and organisations (you) to improve resilience and capability to cope, survive and thrive in the short, medium and longer-term. Specifically, Sport NI is providing training on five main distinct but overlapping topics:

  • Governance and management
  • Strategic planning
  • Business planning
  • Financial planning
  • Risk and crisis management

Following the positive delegate response to the first round of workshops which was delivered by Knight, Kavanagh & Page (KKP), Sport NI is pleased to announce that, as promised, the full programme will be offered again this Autumn. As before, each session will last between 90 -105 minutes.

All sessions are, within reason, designed to involve participants in discussion with each other and allow you, as delegates, to question and interact with the facilitators (if you wish).

Taking account of feedback and the review of the first round, the order in which they are delivered will (as shown below) change slightly.

To take account of the fact that these workshops are aimed at both voluntary and paid staff/officials, the first two will run in the early evening instead of the afternoon. (If this proves to be popular we may look at the start time for the latter three sessions).

The scheduled dates and times of each workshop are as follows:

  • Governance and management: 6pm Thursday 11th November

  • Financial planning: 2.30pm  Thursday 18th November

  • Risk and crisis management: 2.30pm  Thursday 2nd December


Places are limited and applications will be dealt with on a first come first served basis.

If you would like to attend one or more of these workshops please book directly (see below). If you think that colleagues in your organisation, sport or club may be interested please pass this information on.

To book, please complete the form which can be found here.

Each workshop presentation and any related materials will be made available via the Sport NI website after the session has been delivered, for you to access, please click here for access.