‘Outdoor Recreation’ is all about having a great time in the outdoors.

It encompasses all sport and physical recreation that takes place in the natural environment whether on land, water or air.

On land it includes but is not restricted to venues such as forests and woodlands, uplands and open land, caves, beaches and urban parks but also includes activities that take place on trails. In water it can include coastal waters, lakes and rivers and can be on or under the water’

The natural outdoor environment provides a fantastic resource that has the potential for delivering healthy and active lifestyles for local people from any background or identity. Access to green space has been recognised across the world to be critical to people’s health and especially mental well-being. Helping people to be active outdoors in groups or as individuals can help to deliver on issues associated with social exclusion, rural and urban deprivation and community cohesion.

Therefore Sport Northern Ireland continues to promote and support sport and recreation in the outdoors. However, the impact of recreation on natural environment can range from being minimal through to being very significant.