Community Planning is a process led by each of the 11 Councils in Northern Ireland in conjunction with partners and communities to develop and implement a shared vision for their area, a long term vision which relates to all aspects of community life and which also involves working together to plan and deliver better services which make a real difference to people’s lives.

Community Planning came into operation on 1st April 2015 as part of the full implementation of local government reform.   Underpinning the reform of local government is the Executive’s vision of:

“…..a strong, dynamic local government creating communities that are vibrant, healthy, prosperous, safe, sustainable and have the needs of all citizens at their core.”  

Sport Northern Ireland are very proud to be involved as a statutory partner in Community Planning across all 11 Council areas and continue to work closely with the process in each local government district. Further detail on each of the 11 Community Plans can be found at the links below along with additional relevant information relating to Community Planning progress, with a specific focus on key sporting actions/projects stemming from the process.

11 Council Areas:



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