Lesley is an Every Body Active 2020 coach with Mid & East Antrim District Council and is involved in delivering various activity programmes with the aim of attracting more people to participate in activity, especially more women and girls and people with a disability.

Lesley gets great enjoyment of seeing people grow with confidence through physical activity and has seen benefits of the social interaction that comes with it. Lesley is involved in the Living rooms programme held in Ballymena Methodist Church. This programme targets women from all ages and backgrounds and the aim is to make them feel comfortable while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

See the programme in action (https://youtu.be/5ieTAoZZtG4 )


Name: Lesley McLaughlin

Council: Mid and East Antrim Borough Council

Role: Every Body Active 2020 Coach

Favourite sport(s): Dance!


 Describe yourself as a coach in three words: fun, enthusiastic and loud 

What made you want to become an EBA2020 coach? I am a people person, I really enjoy working with the public – I was previously an Active Communities coach. I honestly say I love my job, every day is completely different!


What programmes are you involved in with EBA2020?

I am involved in various programmes, from working with new mums, senior citizen groups and everything in between. I would work with quite a few disability groups and ladies only groups. One of my current programmes is working with 14 – 16 year old girls delivering a cardio/core programme.


Any highlights from working on EBA2020?

There are so many, but simply seeing people smiling and enjoying themselves during a session – that makes my day. It’s great to watch people grow in confidence from the beginning of a programme to the end. It isn’t always about the physical benefits, sometimes our activity session is the only social interaction a person gets in a week.


What advice would you have for anyone wanting to get #BetterFitter?

Be brave – try something new! Find an activity/sport that you enjoy and stick at it – this will make your #BetterFitter journey easier.