Sport Northern Ireland recognises that people with disabilities are underrepresented in terms of access to and/or participation in sport. Research tells us that people with disability participate in sport and physical recreation less than non-disabled people. People in Northern Ireland experience the highest rate of disability in the UK, with one in five (20%) of the population experiencing some form of disability.

I have a disability, who can help me get active?

There has never been a better time to get into sport – there are now more than ever a wide range of opportunities in a number of sports across Northern Ireland. Disability Sports NI work closely with Sport Northern Ireland to develop these opportunities on a pan disability basis, and also provides opportunities for blind and partially sighted people, the deaf community and wheelchair users. Visit for more information and advice. A list of all the disability sport specific clubs and member groups of Disability Sport NI are available on their website. Some disability specific organisations can also help you get active:

For people with a learning disability, Special Olympics Ulster has a network of clubs and competitive opportunities for those aged 8 and over. Visit for more information. Your district council will also provide programmes for people with disabilities across a number of sports, and will be able to advise on inclusive sports clubs in your area. Contact your Local Council Sports Development Officer for further information.