Taking part in sport is great fun – no matter what level you participate at. Whether you’re in training for the Commonwealth Games, or just out with your friends, sport has a lot to offer!

There are many challenges facing you when you want to be active… finding the time, or dealing with family, school, study or work commitments. But aim to make sport part of your everyday routine.

The Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation exists to create a nation of active women and girls – visit www.wsff.org.uk for more information.

We know that taking part in sport is good for our physical and mental health; the benefits associated with sport and physical activity are well documented. While you might not have enjoyed PE at school there is a sporting activity to suit you giving you the ideal opportunity to try as many of the sports on offer – variety they say is ‘the spice of life’ after all! So whether it’s back to netball, mountain biking, swimming or zumba, it’s all out there waiting for you!