The Athlete Induction Process

This is the process for screening and introducing athletes to the Sport Science and Medicine support at Sport Northern Ireland Sports Institute.


Please read below if you have been invited by your sport to attend for induction at the Sports Institute.

There are two documents that you should read and consider if you understand and agree with the information provided:

  1. General Data Consent Form
  2. Cardiac Screening for Athletes
  3. The Athlete Profile and Medical Performance Profiling Questionnaire must be completed before attending.  Use the following link to complete the Athlete Profile
  4. Please download the Medical Performance Profiling Questionnaire, complete electronically and send via e mail to
  5. The only document that you must print and bring with you to induction is the Athlete Consent Statement

It is essential that all completed information (steps 3 & 4) has been returned to the institute at least 5 working days prior to the induction.

Athletes under 18 years old are required to be accompanied by a parent/ guardian to the screening with the Physiotherapist and Doctor. The athlete consent statement should be signed by a parent / guardian and brought to the induction.

What happens at Induction?

The induction will normally include the following;

  • Musculoskeletal screening with Physiotherapist
  • Medical review of Performance Profiling Questionnaire with Sports Doctor
  • Familiarisation of facilities at Sport NI Sports Institute
  • Initial meeting with Performance Lifestyle staff

Please contact your Sports Performance Lead (from your Governing Body) if you have any questions.